Victoria 4 Gov.September 2003

Victoria's Secret Platform:

"Yes Darlings, when I am elected Governor, my first act will be to immediately issue a proclamation that California is seceding from the United States, and joining North Korea and Iran as the new, third member of the "Axis of Evil!"

"Even bankrupt, California would be a valuable asset to the Axis of Evil--because let's face it, TWO nations do not an Axis make! With Iraq knocked out of the trio, Iran and North Korea are more like a checkers team of evil - they desperately need a third partner! Who else are they going to invite, Luxembourg? Let's face it, Darlings, those naughty little rascals NEED us if they want to remain in the Axis business!

"Of course, as California is a major portion of the U.S. economy, Dubya would then have no option but to declare war on us--and naturally, if we put up no resistance, they would quickly conquer us-- Then, according to the finest American tradition, they would have to start rebuilding our shattered economy...

"Ooh, that's right, Darlings, In one fell swoop, Dubya would be forced to undo that Enron and his other pals and cronies have done unto us..!

"Isn't that just TOO precious? So how's that for an economic plan..??"

Vote for Vicky In Charge of Everything --Vicky Feldheiser for Governor!