February 2003

Bronco Bunny BunzBronco and Miss Vikky, Make Out at the OK Corral:

Miss Vikky is resolved: for Valentine's Day, that its nicer to make Love than War... But mostly its just nicer to make Bronco...

Yep, Buckaroos: Bronco's faced Death at the hands of the Fierce ShinKicker Indians - Hot Leaded Doom from Rival Gunslinger, Kalamity Kitty - and stared down Disaster from them Bush-whackin' Dolton Boys...

Now, with Miss Vikky all dolled up, an' aimin' for some bronc wranglin' tonight - Can our B Bunny Western Heroine escape the School Marm's Amorous Machinations - Or is this the Kiss-Off for the rarebit Rangerette..?

...Well, Um... Y'Know, Three out of four ain't bad...

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