May 2002

May 2002 Iliyana CyteyinskaWell its May and time once again for probably our least popular continuing feature - But never ones to be detered by rejection - Yes, that's right, its our annual VE Day Calendar... For those of you who don't recall, "VE Day" commemorates "Victory in Europe" the conclusion of one half of World War II. And as the war in Europe was mostly won by our fightin' Rooskie allies, its somewhat fitting that we present a rare photo of a lend-lease P-39, the "Iliyana Cyteyinska" - Although this sleek little fighter was disliked by most American pilots as its lack of a supercharger made it sluggish at high altitudes, the Rooskies were very fond of P-39s. The Airacobras flew very well in low-altitude missions, such as tank-busting and ground strafing, two exceedingly dangerous tactics in which the Russians excelled. Given the high mortality rates of these tactics, very few Lend-Lease P-39s survived the war--perhaps even fewer than Russian P-39 pilots.

This particular photo shows off well the nose art of the "Iliyana" As a bit of a curiosity, It depicts the only Russian character to appear in that odd wartime comic book, "Bunnies at War". How the comix got to Russia is a matter for speculation. Perhaps some American ferry pilot inadvertently left a copy in the cockpit when the plane was delivered to Russia. Though there are reports that the comix themselves were included in the lend lease program... Whichever the case, at least one Russian pilot seems to have adopted Iliyana as nose art for his P39 and a very pert little bit of nose art she is too... JQ

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