March 2002

March 2002 Samurai BunzThere's probably a reasonable explanation for this month's calendar - but if there is, its likely too complex for me to get into here... I guess it more or less starts years ago, with this pix I drew up for one of the Cutey Bunny Pin-up Comix... Then years later, my pal, Sean, for reasons clear only to himself, decided to color it - After which, I took the PhotoShop file and made various alterations - mostly to the Bunny and text - then passed it back to Sean, who did a few more alterations... and I forget how many times we passed it back and forth - but this is what we came up with...

Of course, that only tells you how it came to be made, not what it's actually about - which would take more time to explain than I care to go into here... The title at least, is derived from the fact that Sean added in the big Red Sun, and that recalled to mind, a fun movie featuring: Toshiro Mifune and Charles Bronson, one of those rarities, a Samurai Western... If you find the movie, its worth watching - but I don't recall that there's any Bunnies or Giant Robots in it - So don't expect to see this scene there...

Originally we had planned on using this for last November, but plans changed, and as the theme seemed to fit the month of the God of war, here it is - hope you like it... JQ

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