April 2002

April 2002 Jungle BunzWell, looks like the April Fools joke was on myself this year - Through a number of blunders, that probably weren't beyond our control - but they happened anyway... Like Ferinstance: not actually checking the calendar, I'd assumed that Easter would be in April (as it had been for every year that I've done these Cutey Calendars) but at the last moment, we realized that Easter had snuck in on the last day of March and that the elaborate Easter Temple Calendar we'd prepared turned out to be somewhat redundant for April...

So I picked out a few things we had on hand and Another nifty colored piece by Sean, and added in some foliage plus a new version of another old sketch of Kelly swinging on a vine, and here we have it, just a few days late, our April - No Point to the Jungle Theme Calendar... Though I gotta say, that Sean's colors are really nice, you just gotta admire his craftsmanship..!

Now If I can just get these uploaded, the ISP I use for connection (Not the Web Site Host) has been in and out of service lately - I seem to have connected up with the worst ISP in the LA area - But that is neither here nor there I suppose - However if any of you out there appreciate the modicum of extra effort this month, or even if you don't - then why not drop a line to say hello..? But I guess that's all for now... JQ

Mac & Win Calendars are slightly different sizes to reflect the commonly used resolutions on those platforms - though you can use any of them on either platform if you like - of course it's usually best to match sizes to your own monitor resolution...

As for Linux, Sun or BeBoxs - or whatever - I guess you have to do the best you can... (If anyone out there is using the Calendars on any of these, drop a line & let me know - okay..?)

And finally; All the Cutey Bunny Desktop Calendars as well as Cutey & Cutie Bunnies and associated characters are TM and Copyright Joshua Quagmire. These Calendar Pix are free for personal use but not for reposting or any form of resale... Any comments, problems or whatever Feel free to contact me: Good 'ol Joshua Quagmire

Mac Calendar:

Medium: 832/624 for 17 inch monitors

Windows Calendar:

Medium: 800/600 for 17 inch Color monitors