Vikky Marlowe

November 2001

For those of you who remember Vikki Marlowe's First Hard Boiled Adventure (way back those many years ago) Well, this is a new Improved Vikki Marlowe - Rougher - Tougher - But Yes, She Still packs 38s and her Gun's Still a 9 Millimeter... *Ahem*... For DOWN THESE MEAN STREETS... Hard times, gritty times, the 1930s... The big, cold cities filled with grifters and dreamers, the Depression hanging on and Prohibition adding its own strange madness to the mix. In the dark and grimy brick canyons, poverty jostles against crooked fortunes, idealism against cynical greed. It is a time of hot jazz and cold fear. High life and sudden death. And down these mean streets go a few strong, solitary people, somehow above and apart from the corruption they live among, somehow remaining true to their own strange, personal ideals. Hollywood had its Johnny Dalmas. San Francisco had its Sam Spade. And Peoria, Illinois... Well, Peoria had Vikki Marlowe... Yes: All This and Much Much Less - Coming Soon, to a Web Page Near You..!!

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