Cutey 2700 AD

For those of you who are numerically challenged and don't care for those pesky li'l digits on your desktop, we reworked the Jan Millennium Calendar into a pure Deck Top Pix, available here in Mac & Windows sizes...

Through the miracle of Compressed Logic and some low budget special effects, Cave Bunz meets Future Bunz... Will this result in the knock down drag 'em out Cat fight of the Millennium, or will they just go out Inter-Dimensional Mall Hopping..?

Stay tuned for the somewhat less that thrilling answers, which will be posted here, maybe sometime around the turn of the next millennium...

or: For those of us who were around back when Arthur C. Clark's 2001 - The Movie, first hit the Silver Screen, you might feel just a bit bummed that 2001 the Millennium doesn't quite seem to live up to the "Promise" -- the Future of 2001 the Movie... But then again, if you stop to reconsider, there actually isn't all that much difference between the Movie and the Millennium, as you will see once you Peruse:

Top 10 similarities between 2001 the Movie and 2001 the Millennium...

Mac Calendars:

Medium: 832/624 for 17 inch monitors

Win Calendars

Medium: 800/600 for 17 inch Color monitors

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